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14 Truths I Discovered About Hosting Super Profitable Webinars

Over the past 36 months of doing presentations, I’ve picked up some critical lessons about making webinars profitable.

Hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes, and if anything, some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Let’s get into it.

1. Audience “warmth” dictates everything about your presentation

Depending on how warm your audience is, you’ll need to change your webinar’s tone, depth, length of time, and level of “teaching” versus “selling.”

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach here.

Cold audiences care more about getting to the heart of their problem. They don’t want to spend an afternoon hearing you bemoan your tough past.

This is in contrast to a hot lead who’s ready to buy before the webinar even starts. Knowing your methods already, the emotional angle will appeal to a hot lead greatly.

Your entire approach needs to be altered depending on the warmth of the audience watching.

The SSF Method, deployed properly, makes sure your attendees are warm before they even get on a training presentation.

Visit to learn more about we use this method for lead generation in 2017.

2. The highest ROI you can get is from your Facebook ad follow-up campaign

We use a 4-part process (which we’re sharing in an upcoming guide) to engage with sign ups with Facebook ads, whether or not they attended our webinar.

If you’re running webinars, you need to be doing the same.

Typically this follow-up campaign costs just $50 with a 100 to 1000x ROI… and nearly NO one does it.

3. Your email campaign is worth 90+% of the sales for your webinar

There’s a very specific campaign we use which includes sales, value, social proof and action.

Most people just SELL in the specific campaign they do for their webinar.

That’s also what people have grown to expect after so many years of marketers hammering their messages into them.

The key is to reverse the equation. You have to reverse how marketers have done things, so people truly want to “open” the emails and engage.

Something as simple as including extra information that you didn’t present during the webinar can help nurture the interaction forward.

Most of your sales happen AFTER the presentation.

Marketers get so caught up in earning today’s sale that they ruin any chance of a sale in the future.

4. Most people could care less about your webinar

It’s your job to warm your audience up beforehand. You want to get attendees who actually know, like, and trust you.

I’m not saying direct to a webinar never works, but for most it doesn’t make sense to alienate the other 98% of your attendees who aren’t ready to buy.

If you want an insane conversion percentage, show up rate and purchase rate, give someone access to a webinar at the RIGHT time, versus just pushing people into it.

This is push versus pull marketing 101.

5. The more money someone makes, the smaller the chance you have of closing them

Attention is already sparse for most people. The issue is magnified for those who are already doing well.

Are you going to get millionaires on webinars? Typically not.

So, if you’re using a webinar, you have to keep in mind who your audience is.

If they have time to attend, most likely they’re a consumer.

If they have zero time, they are most likely a producer.

You’re going to have a bad day, if your webinar lives and dies by selling to producers.

Affluent producers need to be engaged using entirely different methods than a two hour webinar.

6. Stories sell

Most people will say they want “value.” It’s a good surface-level answer.

The thing is, what people say they want and what they really want are two very different things.

No one will admit to themselves that they enjoy hearing the “Hero’s Journey.” Every stumbling block and trial that what made them who they are today.

Why does it work so well?

People want to be part of a BIGGER “Why.”

There is a magnetism to those on a mission, just look at Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

Allow people to be part of your “Why” and you’ll raise a group of advocates very quickly.

7. Evergreen webinars are amazing

Nearly every entrepreneur I see has a hard time turning their webinar evergreen. It’s almost like they are afraid of printing money.

Just. Do. It.

Evergreen webinars won’t have the appeal of a live presentation, and the conversion percentages will be lower.

That still doesn’t mean you should be doing all of your webinars live.

You have better things to do with your time.

Get an automated sales machine (a.k.a. an evergreen webinar) in place so you can focus on building your business.

Want an in-depth training by me breaking down the pieces of this process? Click here to watch it now.

8. Bots for webinars are the new email

Want more show ups and an easier way to follow-up?

Use a Messenger Bot.

As we’ve tested them, our stats show that people are 4-times more likely to show up to a webinar when a bot messages them.

More than that, the context of Facebook Messenger makes people more apt to engage.

They’ll tell you right there if they want your product, and if they don’t want it, they may even tell you why not.

9. Personal follow-up will inject serious cash into your business

Export all the people who watched the webinar into Contactually, then create a follow-up template to “individually” touch base with each one.

We had a LeadCraft member do this and it resulted in them making an extra $35,000 on their launch.

When you’re getting started, brute force isn’t always the answer. 

Intimacy will increase the results you get.

10. Do a monthly “update” webinar for your email list

Assuming you’re doing an evergreen webinar; each month, you should also be doing a live webinar for all the people on your list.

This shouldn’t be a “new” product, rather, a new angle. Position things so that they can engage with the material from a new perspective.

When implemented, most people with lists of 5,000 to 20,000, find they make anywhere from $25,000 to $200,000 in a single webinar.

Total lead gen cost? $0.

11. People who engage don’t buy

Generally speaking, those who don’t engage are the people who will buy.

Those who engage, will enjoy engaging, however, they are typically not the one who will swipe their credit card.

This is one of the most counterintuitive things, but it keeps showing up again and again.

12. Stack your webinar with another conversion method

If you are getting people to buy from your webinar, bring them directly to the Buy Now page.

However, after the webinar, stack up your conversion method with a VSL, sales page or some other method of being able to engage someone.

You want to offer more buying opportunities in a frequent, but relevant manner.

13. Use micro-targeted campaigns

Use micro-targeted ads to remain omnipresent to the right people:

  • Target people who came to the webinar
  • Target people who stayed on the sale page for 5 minutes
  • Allow people to message your page w/ questions
  • Target people with testimonials
  • Target people with a “Canvas” Facebook sale ad

The list could go on infinitely, but the idea is to be relevant, and everywhere your leads are for the days following your presentation.

14. Give content in a PDF format

For just one test, we sent out a PDF version of the webinar… AFTER everyone already watched the actual webinar.

56% of our sales came from the PDF.

NOT the webinar, and NOT the replay.

It wasn’t a transcript, it was basically a condensed version of the webinar. People like condensed if they didn’t show-up to watch it “live.”

It works wonders. If you’re already doing a webinar, it’s so worth testing.

Where to go from here

Hope you enjoyed these 14 truths about profitable webinars I picked up over the last 36 months.

They’ve played a big part in us generating over $4,000,000 in sales and I hope they’ll help you succeed in your business.

The key to our entire method has been doing lead generation the right way for 2017. If you’re serious about learning how to do lead generation properly for your business, visit to learn more.

Would you like a training video where I break down the pieces of this webinar process? Click here to watch it now.

Scott Oldford


Oldford |

Founder & CEO, LeadCraft

Hi! I'm Scott Oldford. I've been an entrepeneur since a teen, having built multiple million dollar businesses. In 2013, after a failed business left me $726,000 in debt, I decided to go all in on building an online course, teaching entrepreneurs how to generate leads and sales online. Since then, I've paid off his debt and generated millions in revenue.

These days, I focus on helping consultants, coaches and service providers generate more high ticket sales through online marketing. My work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Business Insider and a variety of other publications.

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