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How To Effectively Use Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads - SSF Method - Infinitus

I’m all in on Facebook video right now. It’s crucial to the success of my business and I think it’s crucial to your success. That’s why I put this article together. I want you to tap into the power of Facebook video ads.

Here’s what we are going to cover in this article:

  • Key takeaways from our $50,000 Facebook video ads campaign
  • 4 incredibly powerful strategies we use when creating and promoting our Facebook video ads
  • The 4 types of videos you need to use in your campaigns
  • How to use relevancy marketing in Facebook video advertising

Why are Facebook video ads so powerful?

  • You create intimacy on a large scale. Suddenly you can talk face to face with a huge number of people.
  • You can go viral for almost nothing, putting your name and your business in front of huge numbers of people.
  • It’s cheaper and more effective than most other forms of Facebook advertising right now.
  • It truly is the future. This is where the market is headed and will be in three years.
  • You can grow your business automatically through the power of Facebook video advertising.


Right now, everyone is talking about video. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about this lately and people are excited, but also really nervous.


When they think about getting on a live stream, they get really nervous. They’re afraid of making mistakes. Of looking foolish or looking stupid.


It’s kind of like sex in high school. Everyone wants to do it but nobody quite knows how.


But right now, video is hugely important. Never before have we been able to reach so many people so easily. Never before have we been able to talk to people live from the comfort of our homes.


We can go viral for almost nothing. You can’t get this kind of exposure on television. In the last 30 days, we’ve reached 1.1 million people, which is CRAZY! And we’re not even spending that much!


Plus, these types of videos are so easy to produce. You don’t need a teleprompter or a script. You don’t need a ton of great equipment. The video gatekeeper has essentially been crushed and now we have the ability to reach more people than ever.


So how can we make this happen? What do you need to know about increasing your business with video?


First, we have to kill some stupid myths.

Myth #1: The video needs to be professional

Most people think they need a slick, highly produced video for Facebook video ads to be effective.


You absolutely do NOT.


We’ve tested many types of videos and the ones that aren’t professional are the best. People love authenticity. The realness. The sense of being close to someone. They can see highly produced stuff on television.


My success has all been because of authenticity. I can be myself on camera, and people like that.

Myth #2: You need some sort of script or teleprompter

Look, you can use a script if you want, but they can actually hurt you. They make you seem stiff, like a talking robot. The times I tried to use a script or teleprompter absolutely sucked.


You can simply be yourself on the camera.


So what do you need to succeed with Facebook video ads?

The only requirement is consistency.

When you do videos consistently, you are constantly interfacing with people and you become omnipresence. To your audience, it seems like you are everywhere. People see you all over their news feeds.


Video allows you to create a little environment where you are the authority. If you have an audience of just 5,000 people, you can easily build a 7-figure business.


This will be EVERYWHERE in 3 years.


No one will have a choice about whether to use video. Video IS the next thing, and the only question is whether you’ll use it now or then. If you don’t use it, the bandwagon may pass you by.


If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must continually innovate and evolve. You must grow and expand. Video is part of that constantly evolving.


If you don’t utilize what works now, you won’t grow. If you’re not implementing the things that work, you’ll get stuck and won’t make any progress.


Personally, I’m betting a TON on Facebook video ads in 2017. I’m spending $800,000 out of a $1.3 million ad budget on video. Why? Because this is the game changer. This is what is going to take us to the next level.


Using video didn’t get us where we are, but now I see the huge power. I see that video is the way to succeed this year, and so I’m all in.


If you want to increase your ability to grow your business automatically without investing tens of thousands of dollars, video can be your answer.


Video isn’t the future, it’s the now. And…because we’re in the infancy of this explosion, ANYONE can tap into the power of Facebook video advertising.


Now, before we dive in, I need to make one thing clear.


You MUST have a marketing funnel in place to use Facebook video ads effectively.

Specifically, you really need to use the SSF Method to optimize what you’re doing. If your marketing funnel is one size fits all you’ll lose a ton of potential business.


Rather, you need to realize that there are three “lanes” for your leads:


SSF Method - Sidewalk - Lead MagnetThey are unaware of their pain, but they fit your target demographic. They are interested in the solution you offer, but their pain needs to be more relevant.


It is likely they aren’t really ready to purchase, and they don’t care about you; they care only about their potential problem.

Slow Lane 

SSF Method - Slow Lane - Lead MagnetThey are aware of their pain and they want to be an informed buyer. They are seeking knowledge and information about their desired outcome.


If you can provide that information, you become their authority and they like and trust you.

Fast Lane

SSF Method - Fast Lane - Lead MagnetThey are highly aware of their pain and they are ready for a solution. They are trying to understand and feel what the outcome will be if they proceed with the right solution.


They’ll choose a solution offered by an authority if the conditions are correct and their objections are handled.


When you put these puzzle pieces together, you get a Marketing Funnel that offers a highly intimate experience for your leads.


If you use Facebook video ads without a funnel, you will miss out on a LOT of money. Video alone won’t cut it. You must use a funnel. Sure, you can still use video to improve your business, but to be effective, you need a funnel.  


The Top 4 Facebook Video Ads Strategies

Now that you know you need to be in on Facebook video advertising, what strategies should you be using in your own Facebook video campaigns? Here are my top 4.

STRATEGY #1: Live Stream First

If you’re doing any type of video, live stream it first and then promote it. In our split tests, we found that live streams had a much higher reach, click-through rate (CTR), and social engagement.


When someone sees the live stream in their news feed, it will still feel live even though it happened in the past. It feels like you’re talking to them in real time, and as they’re watching they’ll see the real-time interactions it got when you were live streaming.


Plus, when you live stream, you have the ability to engage people directly and even answer their questions on the video, which makes it feel even more engaging.

STRATEGY #2: Social Proof Stacking

When your video goes live, the first 6 – 24 hours are the most important. Facebook has an engagement score that depends on how many people watch, like, and share your video.


The more people engage with the video, the more Facebook will keep showing it.


In order to supercharge your engagement, use a 3-tier social proof strategy.

  • Step #1: Before the stream goes live, send out an email to your list letting them know when you’ll be live and what you’ll be talking about. As soon as your video goes live, boost it to your hottest audience, which could be an email list or the people who like your page or some other group. This increases the initial engagement on your video.
  • Step #2: 24 – 40 hours after your video is live, boost it to your warm audience. They know who you are and will watch the video because of the social proof on it.
  • Step #3: Finally, boost the post to your cold audience. When the cold audience sees the incredible amount of engagement on the video, they’ll be hooked in to watch, even if they’re completely cold.

STRATEGY #3: Retargeting Stacks

Using retargeting stacks allows you to, essentially, couple videos together. In other words, once a person watches video A up to 25%, show them video B. If they watch that one, move them to video C.


Using these retargeting stacks allows your videos to be much more effective. If you use the 3-tier approach noted above, you can know who is the most engaged and then retarget them for a low cost, which creates low-cost leads.

STRATEGY #4: Using 4 types of videos together

Just like most online marketing, there isn’t a single type of video that works. You need to use 4 different types together for max effectiveness.


Customers need to be indoctrinated and then taken from lane to lane, and the 4 types of videos allow you to build your business.  


The 4 Types of Facebook Video Ads

What are those 4 types of Facebook video ads you should be using?

Type #1: Audience builder.

These videos allow you to build a new audience and become relevant. They should be short, focused, Sidewalk content.


You’re trying to convey big ideas that focus on the pains they feel. The maximum time is 2 minutes and the delivery should be quick.


If you’re going to generate the right audience, you must be polarizing in these videos. The truth is, we want to be around people like us who share our values.

Type #2: Awareness builder.

These videos allow you to develop deeper relationships with leads and audience.


The content should be focused on the higher end of the Sidewalk or the Slow Lane and should be focused more on tactics, methods, or knowledge (value bombs).


They should be under 10 minutes in length and include pattern interrupts and various calls to action.

Type #3: Lead generation.

These should be short, straight to the point, and with a big focus on pattern interrupts. Video that isn’t selfie cam tends to work best, like an animation.


The content should be focused on pain and alleviation, and include some social proof.

Type #4: Sales generation.

In these videos, it’s important to be YOU. They should be focused on the 4-step sales process including a spoken call to action.


Ideally, these videos will be under 3 minutes long, but they can be longer if necessary.


Relevancy Hacking With FB Video Ads

In 2016 we used articles to do relevancy hacking, but now we use videos. Why? Too many people use articles, which means it’s cheaper to do with videos.


We can get really good, really cheap pixels ($0.10 – $0.20) – way less expensive than bringing traffic to articles.


Plus, pixels aren’t always tracked when using articles, but they are 100% tracked when using videos.


So let’s bring this all together into a system:

  1. Host live stream
  2. Change the description, upload a transcript, change Call To Action. You can get transcription for $1 minute at
  3. Send the video to your email list and target your hottest audience
  4. Switch to warmer audience
  5. Switch to cold audience (lookalike, etc.)
  6. Decide if you want to use retarget coupling
  7. Retarget that traffic with lead generation
  8. Repeat, rinse and adapt for various audiences and lanes


Key Takeaways From Our $50,000 Facebook Video Ad campaign

Over Christmas 2016, when everyone was taking time off, I had this CRAZY idea. Could I create an effective, revenue-generating campaign that collected NO email addresses? We had a big promotion coming up where we wanted to:


  • Goal #1: Generate 100 elite application calls for our LeadCraft Elite program, which would produce around $300,000 in revenue
  • Goal #2: Nurture our Facebook audience to see who was engaged


Our audience size was about 24,000 entrepreneurs


Could we reach our revenue goals using only video and no email marketing?


Here’s what we did:

  • We delivered 5 core videos, 4 content videos, and 4 content articles.
  • That content was delivered over the span over 3 weeks.
  • We used advanced group retargeting sets.
  • The core videos were delivered in the 4-step sales process.
  • All the content was about getting past 6 figures.

The results we got:

  • Article views: 9,000+
  • Average time of article views: 5.5 minutes
  • Video views: 82,102 (cumulative)
  • People who watched all core videos: 1,504
  • People who watched 50% of at least 1 video: 19,201
  • Number of elite applications we received: 232

Here’s how we spent our promotional budget:

  • Audience / awareness building: $37,403.10
  • Lead generation: $0.00
  • Sales generation: $4,206.45

And here are the results got:

  • Leadcraft: 13 sales @ $2,400
  • Elite: 21 sales @ $13,500
  • 1 on 1: 3 @ $97,000


This is a HUGE return on investment and a success on all fronts.


Here are some of the key lessons I took away:

  • LESSON #1: Most people won’t watch more than 1 minute of a video, but they’ll still remember you because they’ve seen you. A person really only needs to see you for about 7-10 seconds. This makes you seem omnipresent and relevant to them and allows them to know what you’re all about.
  • LESSON #2: It costs more to target small audiences but your return on investment is going to be much better.
  • LESSON #3: Facebook video ads do NOT really work in a launch format. You simply can’t rush people into watching your videos. It just doesn’t work. I tried and ended up paying a lot of money. If you’re doing a video campaign, you really need to focus on the long game, because it takes 2-3 times in a newsfeed for someone to actually watch your video.
  • LESSON #4: If you don’t have captions, nobody watches your video. After all, why would people want to interrupt their scrolling just to listen to your voice?


The one thing I would change next time is that I would collect email addresses. They’re incredibly valuable and allow you to use the power of email marketing.


What Are The Results If You Implement This?

When you use these strategies in your marketing funnel, you allow yourself to become ultra-relevant to your audience. And when you become ultra-relevant you become a powerful authority in the eyes of your leads.


And that makes it easier on a number of levels to bring someone to the Fast Lane and then to becoming an actual customer.


Video is incredibly powerful at building this relevancy and authority. And because you’re building a real relationship with your leads, you see all kinds of other benefits.


Things like lower costs per click, more engagement with your videos and a better “connection” with your leads.


I’m spending at least 1/3rd of my marketing budget this year on video, and you should too. It’s the future and allows you to “hack” relevancy to become an authority…and that’s incredibly powerful.


Now, I’m all about helping entrepreneurs like you get the most value out of the content I put out, so I want to invite you to take the next step in putting together a killer marketing funnel that’s fueled by these video strategies.


I challenge you to take my 5 Day Marketing Funnel challenge to see if you have what it takes to plan out a fully functional automated marketing system that runs on relevancy and authority.


I’ll show you exactly how to plug the pieces of marketing into a system that works to bring you a consistent flow of leads.


Scott Oldford


Oldford |

Founder & CEO, LeadCraft

Hi! I'm Scott Oldford. I've been an entrepeneur since a teen, having built multiple million dollar businesses. In 2013, after a failed business left me $726,000 in debt, I decided to go all in on building an online course, teaching entrepreneurs how to generate leads and sales online. Since then, I've paid off his debt and generated millions in revenue.

These days, I focus on helping consultants, coaches and service providers generate more high ticket sales through online marketing. My work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Business Insider and a variety of other publications.

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