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How to Leverage PR for Super Qualified Lead Generation

Today I am going to show the exact steps I used to leverage PR and get this Facebook post (with 2,173 likes, 261 shares, and dozens of comments) to generate 1,500 leads for our business.

Entrepreneur - Leverage PR - SSF Method - Infinitus

I got this article above featured on the front page of It was written by my friend, Gene Hammett. As you can see by the image above it has done well.


When you have an article like this featured in a major publication or blog, you can leverage PR like this to generate leads. This happens because once someone has read an article about you, the are more likely to know, like, and trust you.


They will better understand more about you and your brand than if you were just reaching them cold. Because of this, it creates an incredible opportunity to get people into your marketing funnel.


Most entrepreneurs don’t realize that social proof is very easy to develop. If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you don’t take social proof at face value. But the truth is much of society does.


When somebody says something about you or your brand, other people believe them. And this social proof is something we can utilize within our marketing funnels, and learning how to leverage PR is a great way to take advantage of social proof.


Here is what the process looks like, what to expect, and how to utilize this for your business.

1. The first step is to get published.

I’m not the expert on how to get on Entrepreneur or other publications. However, what I want you to realize is that this could be an article that you write or one that someone else has written for or about you.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be on some major publication. You can do a guest blog, a podcast, or wherever. But once you get published, you can then take this method and use it to leverage PR in your marketing funnel.

2. Once you have this article, you need to set up your link. is an amazing tool that allows you to add a branded call-to-action to any link that you share, thus being able to leverage PR. As you can see by the image below when someone clicks through our link into the article, our CTA shows up in the bottom-left corner of their screen.

Leverage PR - SSF Method - Infinitus

Not only does add this CTA to your link, but they also give you advanced marketing capabilities such as A/B testing, analytics, and their own conversion pixel. These tools allow you to know exactly what your ROI is by going through this process.

3. Choose a Lead Magnet for your CTA that will give you the highest conversion rate.

To have as many conversions as possible, you will want to think about what in your marketing funnel relates to this article.


You want to get the greatest number of people to sign up for your lead magnet. The best lead magnets to use here are PDFs, quizzes, or even a video series; something that has low intimacy and doesn’t take a lot of time for someone to consume it.


Remember, the higher the intimacy required, the lower the conversion rate.

4. The next step is to leverage PR with Social Stacking.

Once we can get the conversion rate down, the next step is Social Stacking. Social Stacking is important because we want to have the ability for this to go viral a little bit. We want to have social proof.


Here is a quick rundown of our Social Stacking Strategy:

A. Organic post to hottest audience

You first want to post about your published piece on Facebook as an organic post. Then you want to share it with your hottest audience. This might be your email list, messenger bot lists or even shared on your personal Facebook. We do this so we can get the highest number of likes and comments, which is a social signal. This creates social proof.

By the way, we did some testing of having social proof vs. no social proof. There was a 500% higher cost for those that did not have any social proof. So, social proof is very important, especially when somebody doesn’t know you.

B. After 48 hours, run to warm traffic

Give the post forty-eight hours or so and then start running warm traffic to it. This could be people that have viewed your Facebook Live videos or visited your website, or other Custom Audiences you have saved. This is a point where you’re going to start getting a lot of clicks for free because we’re going to have people sharing and commenting.

C. After 72 hours, run to cold traffic

Then when the social proof starts coming in, you start sending cold traffic to this post. This entire process allows you to have a Facebook post with a ton of social proof that generates interest and leads for your business. By doing this your cost per click is going to decrease because the article continues to get shared. When your cost per click decreases, it means your cost per pixel and cost per lead is going to go down as well.

The Results

In less than thirty days we were able to leverage PR by generating 8,000 clicks from our Facebook post, through our link, into the article. Our cost was less than $1,000 to be able to do this and we generated over a thousand leads. We were also able to generate a pixel audience of around 6,000 people which we can re-target.

Clicks on Facebook in my industry are very expensive. We typically pay anywhere from $1 to $3 per click on average. But with this process, we were able to generate leads for a lot less money, way less than $1 per click.


Here is a breakdown of the numbers:

  • Ad spend: $271.40
  • Post Engagement: 8,999
  • Clicks to article: 8, 644
  • Conversions to Lead Magnet: 306


The Lead Magnet we chose for our Call-To-Action was our 5 Day Challenge which has a 4% conversion rate. This means 4 out of 100 people that go through our challenge are going to buy LeadCraft.


When we tracked it, we generated over $100,000 in revenue because of our ability to leverage PR with this article. And now we have this amazing post that we can continue to run traffic to and 8,999 people we can retarget on Facebook.


If you don’t have a marketing funnel, then you need to fix that problem. It’s great to get people to download your PDF, but if they don’t buy your product or service, your business will not be successful. So, if you want to learn how to build out your marketing funnel, check out our 5 Day Challenge where we walk you through the entire process of building an effective marketing funnel.


Scott Oldford


Oldford |

Founder & CEO, LeadCraft

Hi! I'm Scott Oldford. I've been an entrepeneur since a teen, having built multiple million dollar businesses. In 2013, after a failed business left me $726,000 in debt, I decided to go all in on building an online course, teaching entrepreneurs how to generate leads and sales online. Since then, I've paid off his debt and generated millions in revenue.

These days, I focus on helping consultants, coaches and service providers generate more high ticket sales through online marketing. My work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Business Insider and a variety of other publications.

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